(2023-12-04) The Memories in Dalaran — Sandy moves to Dalaran to be closer to the people he knows. Ekorenine helps him settle in her old room, but this place brings back some painful memories for her.

(2023-11-16) The Witch and the Owl — A story about Velrin's parents, Tenniria Silverbloom and Arravas Duskwing. This is a very soft and squishy romance story for the most part and gets quite explicit especially toward the end. Read at your own risk. ~7.5K words

(2023-11-04) Recentering — Aszera finds Sil moping in a tent in Sholazar Basin, and she does her best to be a good friend.

(2023-11-03) Every Year, Always Yes — An unusual breakfast for Ismene Hazan

(2023-11-02) The Thirsty Dragon — After an evening of helping his mother at their family tavern, Thalstan talks with her about the adventures of the Cobalt Blade, and the secret problem they're trying to solve.

(2023-10-29) A Knight's Oath — Atley visits an old friend to give an oath.

(2023-10-27) A Certain Kind of Instrument — Soon after a paladin meeting where something seemed slightly amiss, Vond and Etone run into a bit of trouble in Dragonblight. Poetry and illustration.

(2023-10-23) Carrots for All — Nesselos goes on a quick solo trip to secure root vegetables for the camp stew.

(2023-10-17) Not Your Game To Play — Roper receives a warning that he's getting dangerously close to crossing the line from Knight of the Ebon Blade to Spy. 2300-ish words.

(2023-10-16) The Net Part 1 — Unfinished verses from Satterly's private writings, as he is finding joint training with the Ebon Blade a significant challenge.

(2023-10-14) Arcane Influences — Anareline and Florande discuss current events and next steps while collecting flowers for the Argent Crusade. ~2000 words.

(2023-10-13) Meeting the Teacher — Azizia meets with Crim Ragefang, who accepted to teach her in the ways of shamanism.

(2023-10-12) It Could Have Been the Right Choice — Ralaea finally visits her brother and is confronted about the dangerous choice she made.

(2023-10-07) The Tenets of Law — Winnie Demasco gets a visit from her father about representing a very unusual case. Winnie has some reservations and difficulties with coffee. 2500-ish words.

(2023-10-02) Death Night — Plans come to fruition. Violence strikes the streets of Stormwind. The Dawn Beast will not see the dawn. Lester Amerith, Lady Ravendusk, and Harvey Mourningdew. Each have a role to play in what is to be known as the Death Night.

(2023-09-28) Officers — Amadeus has cleared his office hours, anticipating a visit from his friend Kyris, ready to talk him out of his decision to leave the army. ~2300 words. See content warnings.

(2023-09-26) Healing Indu'le — A little snapshot of what Florande's been up to lately.

(2023-09-25) A Working of Art — Priscilla Moore's Northrend series debuts at a Stormwind art gallery, and Avrenne Esprit Fallon has come prepared to ensure its success and its secondary purpose to ensure the success of the navy. Unexpectedly, some manner of sentiment manages to reign over the duchess, enough that it might require some amount of chocolate by the end of the evening. 11,000-ish words.

(2023-09-24) Kyris — There is a shrine atop Frostblade Peak. Rumor has it that meditating there will cleanse one of one's inner turmoil. Kyris Lysander makes the journey. ~1300 words.

(2023-09-22) Digging Up the Past — Lena heads to Westfall to try to answer a question: Who is Rozalin Graufowl to Terrineth? Clues are uncovered and new questions are raised.

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(2023-12-04) A Complication We Have Met — Ben sends a special memo to Captain Jo with his latest White Squad mission report.

(2023-12-02) Letter from Jocoza (S12E3) — The weekly company newsletter!

(2023-11-30) A Response to My Light — Celaven responds to Velrin's latest letter.

(2023-11-26) To My Light — Velrin sends a letter to Celaven catching him up on the events of her work in the Blue Squad and thanking him again for the time they spent together last.

(2023-11-26) Keep Up the Good Work (Or Else) — A suspicious package arrives for Elohad at Cobalt Company HQ. Inside it contains… pie?

(2023-11-25) Letter from Jocoza (S12E2) — The weekly company newsletter.

(2023-11-25) Gifts For the Atleys — The Spellbonds leave gifts for the Atleys at their front door.

(2023-11-20) Elohad's Reply to Devon — Elohad briefly replies to Lord Devon Tennerow's request.

(2023-11-19) A Letter of Introduction — Devon Tennerow sends a letter to Elohad Ference concerning a family friend, Sophiette Valonforth.

(2023-11-18) Unexpected Business — A letter arrives in the mail for both Jocoza and Dane explaining how Velrin will be absent from her squad duties.

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(2023-11-29) An Attempt at Communication — In neat Dwarven script, Bran writes his mom about the events of November 26.

(2023-11-26) Iphindra's Journal: Entry Two — Iphindra writes about her second mission on the Cobalt Company squads.

(2023-11-13) Iphindra's Journal: Entry One — Iphindra writes about her first mission in Northrend.

(2023-08-12) Sil's Adventure Journal, Entry 15 — Sil returns to journal writing after over a year's break. It's been quite a year.

(2023-08-07) The Journal of Ben Hazan: Vote of No Confidence — Ben has a crisis of faith after the events of the last few weeks.

(2023-08-01) Trust Is Your Weakness — Paluuva records her thoughts about the events of Wrathgate and Ahn'Kahet, and the psychology of the Lich King.

(2023-07-27) Diary of Velrin Silverbloom: Entry 55 — Velrin unpacks everything from her hunt for the Forsaken after the Wrathgate and her subsequent return.

(2023-07-23) Jocoza's Northrend Journal (Entry 2) — An update to Jo's journal after Wrathgate.

(2023-07-23) Azizia's journal : Entry Three — Azizia writes in her journal, a few days after the events at Wrathgate.

(2023-07-15) Jocoza's Northrend Journal (Entry 1) — Jocoza finally starts a new journal, the day before the squads head to Fordragon Hold.

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RP Logs

(2023-12-04) A Confusion of Kings (S12 E4 - White Squad Log) — White Squad, hot on the trail of Norgannon's Core, makes several other disconcerting discoveries along the way.

(2023-12-03) Variable Insight — What happened with Etone and Satterly immediately after the Scarlet ambush.

(2023-12-02) A Grizzly Getaway — Celaven takes Velrin to see Grizzlemaw. The two talk some more to learn about one another and make sure that they want to be together.

(2023-11-30) We've Just Got to Find Where the Crystals are Hiding — Nunuzac answers a message from Bran that there are exciting discoveries happening in Storm Peaks, finding his camp in part of the exterior Ulduar complex for a lighthearted catch up about what they have been up to.

(2023-11-30) Take Us To Your LeaderJo, having read just enough of Ben's White Squad report to see the words "Brann Bronzebeard" and "Titan ruins," races out to the Storm Peaks to find him and Bran at the White Squad camp at the Inventor's Library.

(2023-11-29) A Door Into Memory — Almeiria guides Celaven on a journey into a void-touched layer of their own minds. Difficult memories are confronted and some secrets are revealed.

(2023-11-27) No Pressure — Taeavon gets his first mission as a member of Cobalt Company! And it's to help out none other than Lord Elohad Ference himself! Tae tries to keep calm while he helps his new boss freshen up his skills.

(2023-11-26) The Hearts of Warrior Queens (S12 E3 - Blue Squad Log) — Blue Squad, disguised as five identical blue women, continues their infiltration of the Hyldnir, progressing through a round of the Hyldsmeet and beginning to gain the trust of their new 'sisters'. Erixa turns out to have the most prior experience with vrykul. Cressidha collects incendiary harpoons. Iphindra experiences sadness. Velrin has a great time. Dane … grunts. ~6000 words.

(2023-11-26) Relics of Ulduar (S12 E3 - White Squad Log) — White Squad finds themselves on the trail of Brann Bronzebeard and the biggest archaeological discovery of the millennium. Ben's gonna get some sandwiches.

(2023-11-24) A Date in Stonetalon Peak — Velrin asks Celaven to accompany her to Stonetalon where the two talk about themselves, what they want to be together, and what they plan to do next.

(2023-11-23) Something Like Happiness — Aszera has decided she is Vond's friend and tracks him down to Heartwood/Light's Refuge to find out where he and Etone have gone. There may be some matters unaswered, but perhaps things seem fairly normal aside from some kind of dissatisfaction and worry. They catch up between themselves and discuss a few other people they know.

(2023-11-22) A Different Perspective — Jocoza bumps into Brannagen while she's testing out her flying machine. The two entertain each other with arcane and holy methods of drifting through the air, seeing Storm Peaks and Crystalsong from a more bird-like eye's view. ~1900 words.

(2023-11-21) Sisyphean Struggle — Dara informs Sophiette about Elohad's invitation. Sophie confesses a personal failure.

(2023-11-21) One Hand on the Reins — Cressidha seeks out Dane to discuss the events of last Sunday, the cruelties of war, and what may be required of mercenaries. ~1800 words.

(2023-11-21) Never Too Late to Say Goodbye — Terrineth grabs a drink in Dalaran and chats with Bran. He picks her brain to see what's eating at her and offers some suggestions (and free beer!)

(2023-11-20) The Pretrial Preparation of Harvey Mourningdew — Winnie meets with her client Harvey Mourningdew to prepare for his trial. The bad news is that he's being charged with extremely serious crimes. The good news is that he's being charged with extremely serious crimes but his lawyer is Winnie. Contains summary of plot up to this point, and context for the upcoming trial. 9700-ish words.

(2023-11-19) They Won't Have Anywhere to Run (S12 E2 - White Squad Log) — White Squad assists the goblins of K3 in an assault on Garm, and then gets fired. Literally fired, on rockets, farther into the mountains.

(2023-11-19) A Tribe of Only Women (S12 E2 - Blue Squad Log) — In search of Zeev, a missing goblin, Blue Squad teams up with the one female prisoner that the blue vrykul (who they learn are called the Hyldnir) are keeping: Lok'lira, an illusionist. Many problems can be solved with the power of looking like five identical blue women. ~7700 words.

(2023-11-18) A Heavy Conscience — Sophiette has a crisis of conscience over the intrusion into the Millstipe manor.

(2023-11-15) Horde Oeuvre: Blood Elf Edition — Briyanthe organizes a charity event. Other Blood Elves show up and they don't like it. It gets religious, then, it turns into a tour of Orgrimmar.

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