Who We Are

Cobalt Company is an immersive heavy RP guild committed to playing out the events of the game in-character. By nature, this means we create something of a "bubble RP," or a semi-closed universe with its own "guild canon." Think of tabletop, where a GM uses a shared IP to create their own story for a group that gets to shape and be part of that world.

It's considered bad manners in public MMO RP to say that you were the one to take down a certain enemy or experience a certain canonical event. We wanted to do something different. We wanted to give people a chance to say that they are a part of at least some of these world-shaking events, without causing conflict with other RPers on the realm. So we keep the details of our story in a "bubble," and keep our interactions with other RPers more vague (but still enjoyable!).


Squad Collage by Athena

In Cobalt Company, we are progressing through the game storyline in chronological order IC. We began with the drama of the Defias Brotherhood in February 2021 and have kept up a slow but steady pace through the game content since, planning out story arcs in 2-3 month "seasons" with breaks in between.

Click here to check out the main story arc for Season 6!

The events of 5-man dungeons and epic questlines are played out in immersive depth by "squads" of characters who have agreed to adhere to a certain level band and level up together, as well as to attend regular Sunday "episodes."

Squads are populated at the beginning of each season. Membership in squads is given to appropriately-leveled characters who have the most interest, availability, and participation history. The canon WoW story is considered the "main story" or "A story" of the guild, and is GMed by the guild's "Story Lieutenant." However, it isn't the only story going on…


Specialists Collage by Athena

We also have many members and alts who are what we call "specialists." These are characters who do not have to adhere to any particular level band or time commitment and can take part in the type of freeform RP that usually goes on in heavy RP guilds. They also have the opportunity to participate in original-content story arcs created and "GMed" by other players.

Click here for an example of an arc participated in by Specialists!

Specialists may also "claim" certain quest chains that aren't part of the A story. Want to be THE person who unraveled the Legend of Stalvan? If no one's claimed it yet, go for it! And invite some friends. Boom, that's your story now, and we'll add that to the ongoing Cobalt Company chronicle.

The only difference between being a Specialist in Cobalt Company vs. a member of other heavy RP guilds is that you share an IC world with characters who have killed Van Cleef in character, who have defeated Thermaplugg personally in Gnomeregan, or who have claimed certain other in-game exploits. Most serious RP guilds simply forbid anyone from claiming those exploits as their own, to ensure fairness. In our guild, we're a small, stable ensemble cast. We all know and trust each other enough to let a friend be the Star sometimes. In our world, we can all be part of canon.

Other Roleplayers

Not a part of Cobalt Company, and don't want to be? No problem. We're still a friend to anyone who RPs on Bloodsail Buccaneers, and treat all roleplayers with respect.

Out of respect for public RP etiquette, we never publicly RP about our participation in game canon events. We wanted to create our own little world where people could lay personal claim to the biggest game events and live them immersively, and so that is our primary reason for being. But our "bubble canon" is something we've all consented to, and other RPers have not, so we respect their right to live in the RP world they would prefer.

That's because our other reason for being is making Bloodsail Buccaneers a nicer place for all roleplayers. You're more than welcome to walk up and RP with anyone wearing our tag, and if you're friendly you will find us the same. We'll buff you, help you if we have the time, RP some friendly small talk… and we'll never disrupt your own vision of Azeroth.

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