What We're Looking For

Cobalt Company is a truly remarkable group of people, and we strive to keep the quality of our guild experience by carefully vetting new members. We are selective, but not in the way a lot of WoW guilds are. You might be surprised by the amount of leeway we give in certain areas.

We're happy with our current cast, but if you submit an application and leave contact info, we'll let you know the next time we open up recruiting.

What You Don't (Necessarily) Need

  • WoW experience
  • A high level character
  • Interest in raiding or end-game content
  • The ability to pay for a WoW subscription every single month
  • Weeknight availability
  • Any familiarity whatsoever with the Warcraft universe

What You DO Need

We're always looking for people who are, in order of priority:

1. Easy to get along with. We love members who are upbeat, personable, compassionate, and diplomatic, with a good sense of humor. We value maturity, patience, and above all, consideration for others.

2. Open-minded. Our guild accepts LGBTQ members, disabled members, and members from other countries. Our version of Azeroth embraces LGBTQ and disabled characters and treats the various Azerothian cultures respectfully (at least ooc). Due to this and our strict content-warning policies, those with right-wing beliefs IRL are unlikely to fit in. On the flip side, those who cannot tolerate injustice or bigotry even in the context of fiction may struggle with WoW's themes.

3. Engaged and enthusiastic. We want members who are looking for something to get truly swept away with and excited over, and people with enough time to stay involved or at least check in regularly. Our members may take a week or three away now and then for RL stuff, but are always committed to coming back, catching up, and staying part of our shared world long-term.

4. Creative and fun. - We're a magnet for professional and semi-professional writers, GMs, and other artists/performers. We love people who are full of ideas, people who initiate and drive story at least some of the time. We're a home for storytellers in search of an audience, people with vivid characters inside them just waiting for a world to interact in.

5. Self-motivated and confident. The backbone of our guild consists of those who are eager to meet new people, who don't mind if the others around them are old friends with shared history, because they know it's only a matter of time before they'll be an old friend too. We're big fans of those who don't need a direct invitation to share their creativity and companionship, but offer it up happily because they know it has value.

It Works!

Does this sound like too much to ask? You'd think so, but people who fit that description are exactly the ones who have joined our guild and kept it continuously active since February 2021.

Imagine having people like that in your life, making stories with you and hanging out with you for years to come. Does that idea motivate you give WoW or immersive roleplay a try even if you previously decided it wasn't for you? If so, you may have found the perfect guild for you. Apply today!

What Our World Needs Now:

We're always open to people who fit the above criteria, regardless of what type of character you wish to play, but here's our current wishlist:

  • People who love reading and commenting on character fics
  • People willing to create brand-new characters
  • People enthusiastic about WoW dwarf lore!
  • We are always in search of more friendly, cooperative, and/or upbeat characters!

If any of this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply!

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