Guild Canon: The contents of this page are considered canon within Cobalt Company's "RP bubble". Guild canon may go beyond official WoW canon and is usually inspired by and extrapolated from it. However, guild canon will not contradict official canon.

Alli has made a completely spoiler-safe timeline of Azerothian history that includes only those events that are known about as of the current timeline of Cobalt Company. It also includes important milestones in the Cobalt Company story (at the very end, of course).

While some fans may debate the finer points of history and chronology, for the purposes of the Cobalt Company universe, this timeline is exact canon.


The kaldorei begin to actively study and practice arcane magic. They bend magic to their will and use it to build beautiful cities, craft artifacts and reshape the land. Some kaldorei resist the lure to use the Well of Eternity's power and warn others of the dangers of abusing it. Their warnings go unheeded.

A group of upper-class kaldorei begin to refer to themselves as the Highborne and revel in the use of magic.


Sargeras corrupts most of the eredar on Argus, convincing them to join his Burning Legion. With the help of the naaru, Velen escapes on the Genedar with other eredar that reject Sargeras' offer. The naaru name them the draenei, or "Exiled Ones".


The War of the Ancients: Sargeras senses the Highborne's use of the Well of Eternity and decides to invade Azeroth. Corrupting Queen Azshara and her followers, a portal is opened through which the Burning Legion enters the world and lays waste to the night-elven civilization.

The Sundering of the World: Several night elves led by Malfurion Stormrage are able to destroy the Well of Eternity, preventing Sargeras from entering the world, and stopping the Legion's invasion. However, this also creates a massive cataclysm known as the Sundering, where eighty percent of Kalimdor's landmass is plunged between the waves, leaving only a handful of isolated continents.

The Lunar Festival is created.


The burgeoning night elf society expands into the dense forests of Ashenvale. Tyrande Whisperwind positions the Sisterhood of Elune as the leaders of the night elf government and military. The Sentinels are created to protect their emergent society. Malfurion Stormrage begins to train other druids.


The War of the Satyr.


Exile of the High Elves (Highborne)

The Long Vigil (Druids enter the Emerald Dream)

The Founding of Quel'Thalas (High Elf kingdom)

-4,000 (approx.)

Tyrande Whisperwind saves the frostsaber queen, Shy-Rotam, from the frostmaul giants. The frostsabers become allies of the night elves.


Arathor and the Troll Wars: Humans in the northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms unite and form the kingdom of Arathor. They lend their help to the high elves of Quel'Thalas, and together they defeat the Amani trolls. In return for their help, the elves start teaching arcane magic to humans.


The kingdom of Arathor expands, founding settlements in Alterac, Tirisfal Glades, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, and Dalaran.


Ironforge: The dwarves establish the city of Ironforge and assist the nearby gnomes in founding Gnomeregan.

The Seven Kingdoms: The human kingdoms of Lordaeron, Alterac, Gilneas, Dalaran, and Stromgarde are formed on continental Lordaeron, north of Khaz Modan. The kingdom of Stormwind (also known as Azeroth) is formed on continental Azeroth. The kingdom of Kul Tiras is formed off of the coast of Khaz Modan.


The War of the Shifting Sands. C'Thun and the qiraji awaken and attack Kalimdor. Fandral Staghelm leads night elves and dragons against the qiraji, pushing them back to the desert of Silithus. They are successful in sealing them within Ahn'Qiraj, but Fandral's son Valstann is slain in battle.


The War of the Three Hammers: After the death of High King Modimus Anvilmar, the Bronzebeards, the Wildhammers and the Dark Irons start a war over control of Ironforge. The Bronzebeards eventually win.


The draenei crash-land on Draenor in the Genedar and create the Council of Exarchs.


The draenei establish Shattrath City, on the ruins of the ancient ogre city of Goria.


The draenei repel an attempt by the ogre Gorian Empire to retake the ancient city of Goria, killing Imperator Hok'lon.


The orc clans debate over how to respond to the draenei. The Bladewind clan begin raiding draenei caravans, but the attacks gradually cease when the draenei send Vindicators to guard the caravans.


King Barathen Wrynn of Stormwind defeats Garfang and his gnoll armies in the Gnoll War.


Medivh is born.


On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, Medivh's dormant powers awake and lash out, killing his father. Medivh lies dormant for many years after this, tended to by clerics at Northshire Abbey.


Medivh awakens from his coma. The Gurubashi trolls begin launching raids on human settlements in retaliation for the humans pushing farther and farther south into Gurubashi territory. King Barathen dispatches soldiers to intercept raiding parties but forbids them from striking into Gurubashi lands.


After a gruesome attack on three Westfall towns by the Gurubashi, Medivh and his two friends Anduin Lothar and Prince Llane Wrynn sneak into Stranglethorn to assassinate the Gurubashi leader, Jok'non. They succeed, but only after Medivh unleashes his full might.


The Gurubashi War: The Gurubashi rally under Jok'non's son, Zan'non, and march to war against Stormwind, launching an attack on Stormwind City itself. Barathen dies during the battle and Llane is forced to convince Medivh to unleash his full powers to repel the attack. Llane, Medivh and Anduin are hailed as heroes by the kingdom.


The orc Gul'dan is exiled from his clan and seeks out the Throne of the Elements, where the elements reject him. Kil'jaeden reaches out to him and grants him the power of fel magic in exchange for agreeing to help the Burning Legion manipulate the orcs against the draenei. Gul'dan accepts, becoming the first orcish warlock.


The Bladewind orc clan launches raids on draenei caravans, killing and kidnapping dozens of draenei. Vindicator Maraad and the draenei retaliate and storm the Bladewind village, but when Maraad sees the corpse of his sister Leran he goes into a rampage across the village. Gul'dan kills the few orc survivors and claims the draenei committed an unprovoked massacre against the Bladewind.


The orcs begin launching sporadic attacks against draenei hunting parties. The draenei, assuming that the orcs have simply been agitated by the elemental turmoil, begin organizing and constructing new defenses.


The draenei's morale begins to founder as the orcs launch coordinated assaults on minor settlements and outposts across the dying world. Velen and the exarchs, knowing that their only chance of survival is to hold off the onslaught and hope that the Burning Legion does not launch a full-scale invasion, order their forces to withdraw to Shattrath and Karabor.

The orcs gather for an assault on Karabor. The draenei hold the orcish assault at bay for a time but are defeated when the Horde uses the power of the Dark Star to kill or drive insane many of the defenders and permanently darken Karabor. Velen and the survivors manage to flee via the harbor.


The orcs gather at a mountain near the Citadel and drink the blood of Mannoroth at Gul'dan's urging. Durotan forbids the Frostwolves from drinking after having received an anonymous message from Ner'zhul, while Orgrim refuses out of suspicion for the growing corruption of the orcs and Draenor. Those who do drink the blood are driven into a ferocious bloodlust and march against Shattrath.

Velen leads many Shattrath civilians to a refuge in Telredor. The orcs launch an assault on Shattrath, unleashing the red mist against the draenei. Before long, the city falls to the Horde.


More draenei survivors arrive at Telredor. The ones afflicted by the red mist mutate into Broken, and the populace of Telredor exile them into the wilds out of fear that the condition might spread. Some Broken continue to degrade into Lost Ones.

The orcs begin to flounder on Draenor as the world slowly dies. The threat of starvation causes the orcs to hunt many of Draenor's native creatures to extinction and begin fighting amongst themselves.

Auchindoun explodes.


First War

The Horde enter the Dark Portal and small skirmishes break out with the humans. Rumors spread of monsters in the swamp; most are dismissed as tales.

The Frostwolves are banished from the Horde and begin sneaking north to find a new home.

The Blackrock orcs (under Blackhand) move north and west, far into Stormwind's territories. Many villages and towns are destroyed.

The Bleeding Hollow clan pushes into Stranglethorn but are met with strong resistance from the Gurubashi, and eventually retreat.


To combat the Horde, the Northshire Clerics begin entering the battlefield, the humans' first view of a priest on the frontlines.

The Frostwolves arrive in Alterac Valley, having almost entirely avoided Azeroth's other races thanks to the elements.
Thrall is born. (Just a note in case we encounter him, so we can know roughly how old he is)


Brightwood, Westfall, and the Redridge Mountains come under Horde Control.

The Horde begins their first siege of Stormwind. It's met as a stalemate and the Horde retreat to Redridge.

Doomhammer becomes the new Horde warchief.

The death of Medivh causes a catastrophic explosion, scorching the land and turning Brightwood into Duskwood.

Garona and Khadgar return to Stormwind. Garona unexpectedly assassinates Llane.

Stormwind comes under siege from the Horde and the front gates fall. The city falls to fire, and Lothar is forced to gather what refugees he can and flee north.


Second War

Stormwind's refugees arrive in Lordaeron and the human nations plan their next move.

The Horde gathers resources and plan their next conquest in pursuit of the refugees.

The human nations form the Council of Seven Nations.


The Horde pushes north, conquering Khaz Modan and trapping the dwarves and gnomes within Ironforge and Gnomeregan.

Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer builds the orcish fleet in present-day Menethil Harbor, planning to sail around the Thandol Span and into Hillsbrad.

Khadgar and Lothar assist in rallying the human nations into the Alliance.

The Order of the Silver Hand is founded and begin training the first paladins.

Lothar calls upon an ancient pact, earning the assistance of the Quel'dorei in the war effort.

The Horde sail north but are outmatched by the Kul Tiras fleet. Red dragons chase off the Alliance and the Horde make landfall.


The Battle of Hillsbrad Foothills ensues, leaving much of the landscape in ruin.

Horde forces move through the Hinterlands, suffering attacks from the Wildhammer clan of dwarves.

The Horde moves to Quel'Thalas, but then Orgrim realizes his resources should be pooled elsewhere and moves his forces southwest towards Alterac, leaving the Amani behind at Quel'Thalas.

Realizing the might of the Horde, Aiden Perenolde strikes a deal with the orcs. They will be allowed passage through Alterac if they spare his city. Orgrim readily accepts and moves on to Capital City.

The Horde begins their siege of Capital City but is met with a strong opposition.

The Horde flees south but is quickly followed by the Alliance, the Kul Tiras fleet and the Wildhammer clan.

Khaz Modan is liberated and the dwarves and gnomes readily join the Alliance.

Siege of Blackrock Spire - the Alliance lays siege to Blackrock Mountain.

Orgrim slays Lothar in combat but is swiftly defeated by Turalyon and captured.

Khadgar destroys the Dark Portal.


Dal'rend and Maim Blackhand bolster Horde remnants at Blackrock, forming their "True Horde".

Most orcs fled into the wilderness, travelling in small packs or alone.

The Alliance begins the Orcish Internment.

Nethergarde Keep is established to keep watch over the rift that still exists in the Blasted Lands.


Ner'zhul re-opens the Dark Portal

The Warsong are tasked with preventing the Alliance from entering the portal, but are beaten back by Turalyon's forces, the Sons of Lothar.

Khadgar, still on the other side of the portal, closes the Dark Portal from his side, trapping the Sons of Lothar on a dying world.


The Aldor start to rebuild Shattrath, many draenei are still in hiding.


Velen and Khadgar summon the naaru A'dal/Mu'ru/O'ros, who arrive in their dimensional fortress. A'dal moves to Shattrath and rebuilding begins in earnest as people are all attracted to its power.


The Alliance splinters.


The Third War

Archimonde's Return and the Flight to Kalimdor


The Battle of Mount Hyjal


The Events of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor (by Orcs and Humans)

The Forsaken join the Horde

Kael'Thas Sunstrider heads to Outland and allies with Illidan Stormrage.


The Great Lakeshire Drought and the Great Ironforge Flood, caused by a portal being opened within the lake to Ironforge without a liquid filter.

Sunstrider/Stormrage are concerned about Shattrath, Sunstrider attempts to invade but his general defects (the Scryers are now a thing.)


World of Warcraft Begins!

Gnomeregan is lost after Sicco Thermaplugg convinces Gelbin Mekkatorque to release lethal radiation in the city, irradiating not only the invading troggs but most of the gnomes as well. Mekkatorque and the gnomes are granted refuge in Ironforge by the dwarves, establishing Tinker Town.

King Varian Wrynn leaves Stormwind on an extended diplomatic mission. Bolvar Fordragon becomes Regent-Lord of Stormwind.
The regions around Stormwind are under threat from various sources (orcs, gnolls, bandits, worgen…), but the Stormwind army is too preoccupied with other worries to provide aid. Each region is left to fend for itself.


Deadmines (Classic): Cobalt Company takes down the leader of the Defias Brotherhood, Edwin Van Cleef! (Auralind, Cassea, Cressidha, Dane, Ivrianna, Jocoza, Nilunelle, Niris, Oranna, and Sandy take part.)


A Cobalt team (Cassea, Elohad, Hexera, Niris, Sandy) investigated the worgen situation in and around Shadowfang Keep.

Stockade (Classic): Cobalt Company wanders into a riot in the Stormwind Stockade, and unfortunately their Defias target there dies without revealing information. (Auralind, Cassea, Cressidha, Dane, Ivrianna, Jocoza, Nilunelle, Niris, Oranna, and Sandy take part.)

Gnomeregan (Classic): Cobalt Company takes an off-the-books trip to help the gnomes in their effort to develop a cure for the radioactive poison in their city. (Auralind, Cassea, Cressidha, Dane, Ivrianna, Jocoza, Nilunelle, Niris, Oranna, and Sandy take part.)


A Cobalt team (Alaril, Cellara, Elanue, Illinaia, Sario) cleansed the Blackfathom Deeps of Twilight's Hammer cultists.

A Cobalt team (Elohad, Hexera, Jo, Niris, Oranna) cleared out a Scourge incursion into the quilboar society in Razorfen Downs.

A Cobalt team (Bargrimm, Cassea, Estel, Nilunelle, Sandy) made an incursion into the library of the Scarlet Monastery to secure a key to further Scarlet areas, and a later team infiltrated the armory targeting a man called Herod for SI:7 (Auralind, Dane, Estel, Jo, Sandy).

The blood elves under Sunstrider have taken over the dimensional fortress, and the draenei flee the planet on the Exodar, crash-landing in Azeroth. Cobalt Company encounters the draenei and determines that they are allies.


Uldaman (Classic): Blue Squad (Dane, Ivrianna, Jo, Niris, Oranna) investigated the ruins of Uldaman, and uncovered troubling information about the Titan-made origin of dwarves.


Zul'Farrak (Classic): Both squads (Auralind, Cressidha, Dane, Elohad, Gardros, Ivrianna, Jo, Nilunelle, Niris, Oranna) stormed the troll city of Zul'Farrak to retrieve an amulet for a seer that promised to divulge the location of the young royal gryphon, Sharpbeak.

A team of Ben, Brannagen, Colson, Kitharian, and Sario made an incursion into the library of the Scarlet Monastery and took out Arcanist Doan.


Penlee served as a CC liaison to a draenei team (Arguune, Erixa, Icaros) and a local guide (Ziriel), who investigated the ruins of Blackfathom Deeps, in order to prevent the cult from regrouping.


Blackrock Depths (Classic): A strike team (Dane, Mishell, Cressidha, Auralind, Ivrianna) went into the lower city of Blackrock Depths to kill several elementals and retrieve information for the Kirin Tor.

Blue and white squad members made several forays into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, sunken beneath the waters in the Swamp of Sorrows, at the behest of the Explorer's League. Many corrupted green dragons and trolls of various states of undeath were defeated. The last expedition found an object of magical power after defeating the shade of Eranikus.


A Green Squad from Cobalt (Caselyn, Taelei, Glynara, Cambrin and Elrissadel) made a trip into the mines in the south of Westfall to clear out regrouping bandits.


Stratholme(Classic): Dane, Colson, Cressidha, Ivrianna and Elohad or Gavynn made several forays into Stratholme, ultimately uncovering the puppetting of Dathrohan by a dreadlord.

Scholomance (Classic): Bennarin, Nilunelle, Auralind, Gausanders and Jocoza made saeveral forays into Scholomance (sometimes with Almeiria or Ivrianna instead of Nilunelle or Auralind). This culminated in the re-mortalization and killing of Ras Frostwhisper. A further expedition into the school was undertaken by Gerhold, Ben, Sandy, Gwen and Estel.

Near the turn of the year, groups ventured into the East and West wings of Dire Maul (East group: Bennarin, Estel, Colson, Ivrianna, Jocoza, West Group: Bennarin, Estel, Sidhanei, Jocoza and Gwenivene).



The Dark Portal opens and Cobalt Company passes through to give aid to the Alliance in Outland.


Hellfire Ramparts (TBC): Two teams (Ben, Cressidha, Sandy, Colson & Rae + Dane, Jo, Auralind, Nilunelle and Gavynn) venture into the ramparts of Hellfire Citadel and take out key military leaders.

Blood Furnace (TBC): Two teams (Ben, Cressidha, Sandy, Colson & Rae + Dane, Jo, Auralind, Nilunelle and Gavynn) venture into the Blood Furnace, and uncover that Illidan is creating a fel orc army by using the blood of a captured pit lord.

Blackrock Depths (Classic): A strike team of Cambrin, Ismene, Silvestre, Halliday and Bargrimm located the imprisoned Kharan Mighthammer, who was supposed to be watching Moira Bronzebeard. A second team (Ismene, Cambrin, Halliday, Bargrimm and Oranna) located Moira in March but were forced to fall back. A third team (Estel, Cambrin, Silvestre, Halliday, and Oranna) killed Emperor Thaurissan in April and ascertained that Moira Bronzebeard was with child and had defected to the Dark Irons.


Slave Pens (TBC): Two teams (Ben, Cressidha, Sandy, Colson & Rae + Dane, Jo, Auralind, Nilunelle and Gavynn) venture into the slave pens in the Coilfang Reservoir, recovering several lost druids.

Underbog (TBC): Two teams (Ben, Cressidha, Sandy, Colson & Rae + Dane, Jo, Auralind, Nilunelle and Gavynn) venture into the underbog in the Coilfang Reservoir, recovering several lost druids and determining that the naga are indeed stockpiling the water they are draining from the marsh.


Mana Tombs (TBC): Ben, Ismene, Sil, Gavynn and Cressidha displace one faction of Ethereals in the Mana Tombs in favor of another (better) faction.

Auchenai Crypts (TBC): Dane, Nilunelle, Colson, Gwenivene and Gerhold defeated the former Draenei Exarch Maladaar, who had become a necromancer deep in the tombs.


Mana Tombs (TBC): Dane, Colson, Sandy, Gwenivene and Tadget venture into the Mana Tombs again, seeking the whereabouts of a certain gnomish lawyer.

Sethekk Halls (TBC): Ben, Ismene, Cressidha, Sil and Gerhold venture into Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun to clear out (and learn about) Arakkoa potentially corrupted by an Old God.

Auchenai Crypts (TBC): Ben, Ismene, Sil, Cressidha and Gavynn venture back into the Auchenai Crypts to stop yet another necromancer.

Escape from Durnholde Keep (TBC): Dane, Colson, Sandy, Gwenivene and Tadget travel back in time to ensure Thrall escapes from an orc internment camp.

Uldaman (Classic): Caspis, Imrolane, Galadhel, Elrissadel and Florande ventured into the Uldaman ruins. The younger druids were seeking poisonous mushrooms, the elders a place to discuss their slowly building resistance against Staghlem's leadership of the Circle in Stormrage's absence.


Black Morass (TBC): Ben, Colson, Cressidha, Sandy and Sil travel back in time to protect Medivh in opening the Dark Portal for the first time (apparently we needed orcs to defeat the Legion).

Shattered Halls (TBC): Ben, Colson, Cressidha, Sil and Sandy kill a Fel Reaver and then venture into the Shattered Halls on a recon mission. They kill a warlock and a two-headed ogre.


The Battle of Light's Hope Chapel occurs, and the death knights are freed from the Lich King's grasp. Cobalt has a presence in the battle, and in repelling the brief Scourge invasion that happened around the same time.

Shadow Labyrinth (TBC): Cambrin, Colson, Cressidha, Dane and Velrin ventured into the Shadow Labyrinth to recover a tome needed for making a demon killing weapon, and another tome needed to kill the head demon hunter trainer Varedis. They also prevented the summoning of Murmur.

Steamvault (TBC): Auralind, Ben, Elohad, Sandy, Sil go into the Steamvaults and kill one of Lady Vashj's warlords, Kalithresh.


A joint team of kaldorei and Cobalt Company defeat the demon lord Rakh'Likh in the Blasted Lands.

The draenei and Cenarion Expedition assault Serpentshrine Cavern and kill Lady Vashj.


Azizia, Ben, Elohad, and Lena go into the Mechanar to recover half of the Arcatraz keystone.

Alysson, Auralind, Colson, Cressidha, and Dane venture into the Botanica to retrieve the key to free the Archmage Vargoth from the tower in which he is imprisoned. Azizia, Ben, Elohad, Lena and Lode followed later in the month to retrieve the second half of the Arcatraz keystone.

Azizia, Ben, Elohad, and Lena then go into the Arcatraz, freeing Millhouse Manastorm and killing the Old God Harbinger Skyriss.


Scryers/Aldor and Horde/Alliance assault the Tempest Keep, defeating Kael'Thas Sunstrider.

Alysson, Auralind, Colson, Cressidha, and Dane ventured into the Mechanar to retrieve a power cell for David Wayne's demon-killing weapon. They retrieve the final components from the Shattered Halls and Steamvaults.

Azizia, Ben, Elohad, and Lena traveled to the Shadow Labyrinth, the Arcatraz, and the Steamvault to retrieve pieces of Khadgar's key to Karazhan. They then traveled back in time to the opening of the Dark Portal (Black Morass) and traded their key with Medivh's.

Later in the month, the combined Alliance and Horde forces, along with the Aldor, Scryers, Ashtongue tribe and Maiev Shadowsong stormed the Black Temple and killed Illidan Stormrage.

Rumors arose that Kael'Thas Sunstrider might not be as dead as the invading forces of the Tempest Keep believed.



Lady Liadrin of the Sin'dorei Blood Knights made peace with A'dal.

Alysson, Auralind, Colson, Cressidha, and Dane headed into the Magister's Terrace on the Isle of Quel'Danas and kill Kael'Thas Sunstrider once and for all.

A Cobalt Company team ventured into Karazhan, meeting with many dangerous wonders and cleansing the tower of its recent demonic taint.

Combined Horde and Alliance forces assaulted the Sunwell, preventing Kil'jaeden from crossing over into Azeroth. The naaru M'uru dies, but its purified heart cleanses the Sunwell, which is now a renewed font of arcane and holy power.

The Alliance and Horde send vanguard teams to establish camps in Northrend, starting the war against the Lich King. The Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade follow shortly afterward, and Cobalt Company sails out a few days later.

After many of Cobalt Company went off to Northrend, the Cobalt Blade team went on its first mission, recovering a mysterious Defias lockbox in the Deadmines.


White Squad (Aiseia, Lena, Ben, Paluuva and Ralaea) head into Utgarde Keep, most notably kiling Prince Keleseth the san'layn and Ingvar the Plunderer (leader of the vrykul).

The Cobalt Blade (Kehda, Tadget, Thalstan, Vesyllah and Zaara) deal with Naralex's nightmare in the Wailing Caverns. They (Arthur, Kaerix, Kehda, Thalstan and Vesyllah) then venture into Shadowfang Keep and confirm that san'layn agents have stolen the body of Archmage Arugal.


Blue Squad (Dane, Azizia, Caspis, Colson and Cressidha) enter the Nexus to save the world from the Blue Dragonflight's ill-advised plans, or at least to delay the world's demise.


The Cobalt Blade (Arthur, Tadget, Thalstan, Vesyllah and Zaara) descends into Blackfathom Deeps to further investigate the prophecy of the Seed of Eternal Endings and thwart the Twilight's Hammer plans involving Aku'mai's egg.


White Squad (Ben, Jo, Paluuva, Rae and Sabitha) head down into Azjol-Nerub to help their new living Nerubian allies. They kill many undead Scourge Nerubians, including the undead Nerubian king.

The Cobalt Blade (Arthur, Tadget, Thalstan, Vesyllah and Zaara) venture into a war-zone Stormwind Stockades to secure a high-value information source, defected Defias Decker Canton.

Portals are safely re-established between Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, and Northrend.

The Cobalt Blade (Arthur, Tadget, Thalstan, Vesyllah and Zaara) venture into the Razorfen Kraul to rescue a goblin that should have the last key to Van Cleef's lockbox. They also kill the latest crone.

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