These rules are a reflection of what is found on our Discord server. As such, they will contain some references to Discord server channels. These have been left in deliberately, as these are valuable information.


To remain a member of the guild, please abide by these three rules of conduct, all of which work on a three-strike policy.

1. Don't be a jerk. Kindness tends to be fairly straightforward. If you're not sure if you're being a jerk or not, maybe just don't do the thing.

2. RL Baggage at the Door. CC is an escape, a place for fun and inspiration. If you're in such a bad place re: current events, personal crises, mental or physical health, etc. that it's impossible or irresponsible to completely set aside RL for a couple of hours, please take some time for RL and then come back to CC when you're ready to escape to Azeroth again. For more minor RL gripes you just need to briefly get off your chest before diving into fun, please send a DM or whisper to one of our bartenders (see guild ranks in #basicinfo on Discord) and you are guaranteed a safe and sympathetic ear.

3. Play Well With Others. Play with folks other than your fave sometimes. Be okay with following a leader. Lead well when it's your turn. Let others take turns in the spotlight. Try not to ask for stuff you've never offered. If everyone makes a habit of giving more than they get, everyone will get more than enough.

Attendance and Activity

Some of our content is designed for guild members who commit to a certain level of activity. These players will attend Sunday episodes as members of a Cobalt Company squad and agree to the following requirements:

SQUAD MEMBER (up to 10 members)

  • >70% (>7/10 episode attendance)^
  • Keep up with the recommended level band (currently 70-72)
  • Read chronicle recaps as needed to remember names & details
  • Participate in guild activities during the week between episodes

NOTE: Squad Members will be chosen for the duration of each season, and some members may leave and rejoin squad season-by-season. The criteria for selecting squad members is the ability to maintain squad requirements and the level of guild activity (as defined below).

Percent of attendance of each episode will also be factored in (attending half the episode counts as a half-attendance, etc.)

Guild activities may include:
- Character journal entries
- Open RP with other members
- Helping members with quests, IC or ooc
- Participating in a dungeon run
- Responding to the weekly writing prompt
- Posting other non-log, single-author fic or artwork
- Commenting in detail on someone else’s fic or artwork
- Helping the Story Coordinator with plotting/organizing episodes

Open RP is defined as RP that is open for other characters to join in at any point and has been stated as such in general or guild chat

NOTE ON INACTIVITY: RL comes first, but it also sometimes leads to long absences from guild. We have the following policies on inactivity.
1. Any alts not logged in for 60+ days will be removed from guild. These can always be reinvited by request to an officer (no reasons needed). This is just to keep our guild roster tidy.
2. After complete inactivity of a player on discord for more than 60 days, we will mark you as 'inactive'. This role will be removed when you indicate that you have returned.
3. After inactivity of a player for 6 months, an officer will contact you. If there is no ETA to return, you will be removed from the guild.

Content and Consent

1. Respect WoW's ESRB Rating.

All RP and ooc chat in public channels while wearing the CC guild tag must abide by the T-Rating of the Warcraft franchise itself in regards to language, violence, substance use, and sexual content. If an NPC wouldn't say it, it shouldn't be coming from CC folks in public channels. Because CC is meant to be an example of RP to others, this is a ONE-strike policy except in the case of an obvious mistell (three-strike policy for mistells, c'mon, Lrn 2 chat).

2. Require Consent for M-Rated Content. No content beyond T rating should be placed where it might be seen by those who have not chosen to see it. In Discord, double-| "spoiler tags" can be used to make M content optional. No A content should be posted in Discord without being specifically marked [A] outside the spoiler tag. This is a 3-strike policy.

Fine print for Rule 2: When it comes to fics/art beyond a T rating, refer to Ratings for rules on how those works should be tagged for content.

Real-Time RP - DO NOT put people on the spot about consent. Even in private RP, if anyone is involved whose consent levels you don't already know from statements they've made without prompting, keep it to T rating. If in doubt, leave it out.

Specific Phobias/Triggers

Sometimes there's something others might consider safely T-rated that can outright ruin your day. We care about each other here, so if you have something we should take under consideration, please add it to the RP Preferences portion of your Player Profile. List anything that would NOT already fall under an M rating, and whether you need to avoid it in text, image, audio, and/or video form.

The following refers to Discord: Anytime we get specific about troubling or mature content, a la typical content warnings, please put those warnings between double lines to create a ||spoiler bar||.

You do not need to justify yourself, no matter how "ordinary" your trigger or fear may seem to others. We're all here to have fun, and that means you too. Letting us know is all you need to do.

It's on us as a group to help look out for each other, so even if you have no phobias or trauma yourself, it's good to check out friends' profiles and, for example, warn them if you find a quest in-game that might upset them. It's also basic decency to warn friends if you have done fic/art that contains their specific triggers, so they can make an educated decision about how to proceed or avoid.

If someone accidentally forgets and triggers someone's phobia/trauma, it's not a capital offense, but please allow the triggered person whatever they need to feel better. Let them determine whether they need to talk about the incident further with you or just let it go.

When possible, don't leave it to the vulnerable person to call attention to themselves if things are heading in a direction that isn't good for them. If you worry someone else might be getting uncomfortable, I encourage you to steer the scene to a safer place yourself. We're a community here, and a small one; looking out for one another is not beyond our capabilities.

Dealing with Other Guilds

Most of this is covered under House Style as it relates more to guidelines and ideals. The following, however, is an actual rule, and 1-3 strikes (depending on severity) will result in removal from the guild.

1. Ignore anyone who upsets you. Please don't participate in fights while wearing our guild tag. Don't try to "win" conflicts or "punish" other players. We're examples, not server police. If someone outright abuses you, /ignore and report to Blizzard. You may also report the incident to the Producer if it's egregious, so that I can issue an official ignore recommendation. Otherwise, just walk away.

Group Loot

For drops in dungeons or quest groups that require rolls:

1. Anyone may roll Greed on an item they do not need or cannot use.

  • (a) If you have an alt that could use the item, this is still a Greed roll. Other people have alts too, and people on the dungeon run/quests need to fund their own armor repairs, etc.


  • (a) That is, they are immediate and necessary (“Need”) upgrades.
  • (b) You may NOT roll Need on an item that is too high level for you to use yet if ANYONE ELSE IN THE GROUP is the right level to use it and rolls Need.
  • (c) You may NOT roll Need on an item if it is not your actual armor class (e.g., a mail wearer rolling on cloth). (Hybrid armor classes [mail/plate, leather/mail] may roll on both of their applicable categories.)
  • (d) If you find yourself in one of the above categories — i.e., underlevel or tempted by a different armor class, but otherwise in Need of the item in question — you are welcome to ask other Need-rollers whether it’s okay for you to roll Need. You ask them before you roll. THEY MAY SAY NO; they have priority and prerogative.
  • (e) You may not Need roll on anything, even if no one else has Needed it, if you want it only for RP wear or disenchanting. That’s still a Greed roll.
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