Profile Questionnaire

Having trouble thinking of what to put in your TRP3 or wiki profile for your character? Just answer these 15 easy questions in complete sentences… and then delete the questions! Voila. Even if you answer just 2-3 in each section, you should have a perfectly respectable profile when you’re done.


  1. What is your character’s skin/hair color and general height/build (i.e. the first things people would notice from across the street)?
  2. How does your character tend to dress?
  3. How does your character stand/move, generally speaking? (Straight and tall, slouchy, energetic, fidgety, sluggish?)
  4. What details would a person notice if they moved closer to your character (eye color, scars, tattoos, freckles?)
  5. What does your character’s voice/accent sound like?


  1. If people who knew this character were asked what this character was like as a person, what’s the one thing they would ALL say?
  2. What’s something about this character’s personality that kind of fits the stereotype of their race or class?
  3. What’s something about this character’s personality that’s unusual for their race/class?
  4. What does this character want most?
  5. What does this character fear most?


  1. When/where was this character born?
  2. What was their childhood/youth like, generally speaking?
  3. At what point did they decide to pursue their current calling/job/course of study, and why?
  4. How was their life changed by the attempted invasion of the Burning Legion in Year 21?
  5. What have they been doing since then, generally speaking?
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