Create New Writing

Want to add your latest writing to our archive? Here's how:

1. Title

Put the title of your writing in the box next to the appropriate "Create" button. If it is a Writing you must follow the exact format (2018-02-22) Title, with the RL date (YYYY-MM-DD) of the writing preceding the title. Arcs just need a title, no preceding date.

2. Ratings & Content Warning

When filling out the form to creating your Writing, you will have the opportunity to assign a rating to it, using the ESRB Ratings system. The default rating it T for Teen, but please change it to M or A if appropriate. M or A ratings should also include Content Warnings (also listed on the Ratings page).

3. Enter Story & Save

You may either enter the story text directly into the form or paste a link to the story elsewhere (Google Docs, AO3, etc.). Be warned that if you enter the text directly, it will be plain text only - no italics, headings, etc.

4. Tag to Archive!

Important note: In order to actually appear in our archive, your writing must be properly tagged after saving the form. You will see instructions for tagging once you've saved the form and been redirected to the page where your story now lives.

Thanks for adding to our library!


Arcs & Chains

Arcs and Chains are not Writings unto themselves. They are collections of interconnected Writings that form an extended storyline. Not all Writings are part of an Arc or Chain, and a Writing can be part of both an Arc and a Chain. Arc and Chain pages are simply hubs for keeping track of all the Writings connected to them.


An Arc is collection of Writings connected to some kind of storyline or subplot that many characters can get involved in. Its primary purpose is to serve as an entry point for interested players to connect and join the fun.


A Chain is an archive of Writings connected as a series. This might be a chain of letters or other correspondence, a journal, or even a series of teatime conversations between a pair of old friends. Generally, these will only involve one or two people (though could involve more) and are intended more as a record than an open subplot. Though, as mentioned above, the Writings in a Chain might also be part of an Arc.

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