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We know you may be excited to get your profile pages started. However, please wait to create the page until you are ready to take the time to fill it out (and hopefully upload a portrait image as well if you have one).

Not sure what to put in your character profile? Check out our handy Profile Questionnaire.

Character Profiles

*The name that appears here!

To create your new character profile page, just fill your character's WoW name into the box below — exactly as someone would type it to send your character in-game mail — and click "Create Character Profile".

What goes in the box below should be a single word. For wiki functionality reasons, regardless of what the character usually goes by, we ask that you use the character's name EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON THE CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN*. After you click the button below, you can change the page Title (not the page name/URL) to the character's full name if you desire.

Player Profiles

Player profiles are pages for OOC information on you, the player, as a member of this community. They are created the same way as character pages, except by filling in the field below and clicking Create Player Profile. Unlike character profiles, these are only viewable by Cobalt Company members.

Please use the same name for your player profile that you use as your nickname on our Discord server, as this will make it easy for fellow community members to identify you. This is also the name you will include on in the "Player" field of your Character Profiles.

NPC Profiles

NPC profiles are very much like regular character profiles, only they require less detailed information. These are for NPCs that you have created as part of your character's background that are important enough to warrant their own profile page. If you're debating whether to create a profile for an NPC, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have enough information about them to fill out their most basic demographic details (name, gender, race, a paragraph or two about their background/personality/role)?
  2. Are they going to appear in Writings, RP logs, and/or Relationships on other profile pages?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, they are worthy of their own profile page. If either of them is a no, the NPC may need a bit more fleshing out, or might not play a significant enough role to be highlighted with a profile.

Just like a regular character, use a single name in the box below to identify your NPC, even if you're going to put their full name in the page title later.

Profile Portraits

Every profile has a special place for a portrait image. Portraits are not required, but they can bring a profile page to life and convey a lot about a character (or player!). Portrait images should be no more than 400 KB.

Here are a couple online resources you can use to optimize large image files to get them down in file size.

  • - This is my preferred online optimizer because it gives you control over the level of quality and lets you resize your image by giving it a maximum width and height.
  • - This one is nice because it lets you compare the original to the newly compressed image (and you're unlikely to notice the difference).

To add a portrait, do the following:

  1. Create a character or player profile as instructed above. You can put @@ in the Profile Portrait box for now.
  2. After the profile form is filled out and saved, click the small "Files" link at the bottom of your profile page between "History" and "Print".
  3. A "Files" list will appear, though it will be empty the first time you open it. Click the new "Upload a file from your computer" link.
  4. A file uploader will appear. Click the "Browse…" button and locate the desired file on your computer.
  5. Upload! Be sure to note the name of the file, for example Elohad.JPG. This is CASE SENSITIVE.
  6. Once it's uploaded, click "Edit" in the same bottom menu as "Files" to return to the profile form.
  7. You may now replace the @@ in Profile Portrait with your desired filename. Save.
  8. If your portrait does not appear on your profile page now, weep and contact Ozma.
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