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Guild Canon: The contents of this page are considered canon within Cobalt Company's "RP bubble". Guild canon may go beyond official WoW canon and is usually inspired by and extrapolated from it. However, guild canon will not contradict official canon.

What follows are guild canon expansions of languages in the Warcraft universe.

Each section starts with the name of the language and a WoWpedia logo logo_wowpedia_sm.png that links to that site’s page on the language, followed by a list of the races that speak the language, and then a table of words, translations, and sources.

Canonicity refers to how close the word or phrase is to official Blizzard translations:
  • Official translations are confirmed by Blizzard. The ones included here are by no means a complete list, but relevant to speculation and derivations, so included for reference.
  • Speculation based on reasonable extrapolation of official translations or context in Warcraft material.
  • Invention is for words of my own imagination intended to build on the existing lexicon.
  • Derivations are words or phrases formed by combining elements from the previous categories.

Anything that may be a spoiler beyond Classic is placed in spoiler blocks like so, which can be read by mousing over the text. Be advised that the WoWpedia pages will contain spoilers.

Contributors: Feel free to make comments here or contact OzmaAsimov on Discord if you have questions or suggestions. I’m very willing to work with others to build a larger lexicon for all of us to work from.

Darnassian logo_wowpedia_sm.png

Spoken by: Night elves

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
adala true, truth speculation
alara beauty speculation
alor love; see Lore: Night Elves speculation
aloris heart invention
andu balance speculation
ann male, man speculation
anu’aloris my heart (here used as a term of affection) derivation
dahal breath invention
danthe some invention
del thirst, thirsty; also: need, needful speculation
do teacher, master speculation
dor perpetuity (a fairly technical term; see also shu'dor); as a suffix: eternal speculation
dorei child, children, born (of); used to refer to an entire people or member of that people speculation
doren home, sanctuary speculation
dorini will, intent; can be used following a statement to emphasize that it is a command speculation
ela like, as invention
elu pale, luminescent white (refers to color of moon) invention
en not; As prefix: turns the word it is attached to into a negative speculation
enu no, a negative response invention
en’shu another time; not now speculation
hasham most, majority invention
ilisar enemy, enemies (a true adversary; an opponent in a sparring match would not be *ilisar*) speculation
ishnu good fortune, blessing(s) speculation
iszera green speculation
kaldorei children of the stars (night elves) official
karath it, that, thing speculation
kashal friend, friends, ally, allies invention
lazal seat speculation
losh end, ending, final invention
luvas gift invention
lur glow (noun) invention
melor'ne beacon (of light), lantern speculation
minn female, woman, she, her speculation
minve few invention
naz quiet, silent speculation
nival new invention
ren and; Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences, that are to be taken jointly. Note: ren is not used in proper nouns, even when "and" would be appropriate, where words are instead combined and often distinguished by an apostrophe (') invention
rin thorn, barb, hook invention
rula bond, promise invention
shai yes, a positive response invention
shalla shadow speculation
shan'var honored commander/leader; a term of respect for an authority figure in a formal organization such as a military invention
shanna guide, guiding, guidance official
shei'van serenity, peace, tranquility invention
shiev mark, marking, sign invention
shinn people, persons (plural) invention
shinu imperfection (note: this is not the same concept as "flawed" or "broken"; it connotes a thing being asymmetrical, impermanent, or incomplete, and is generally not viewed by kaldorei in a negative way) speculation
shu time, a span of time; as a prefix: always; see also Question Words speculation
shu'dor eternity, timelessness (a more peotic and emotional expression of the concept of dor) invention
sohl a non-kaldorei soul; see also kalan (a new word, adopted from Common) invention
thael journey, quest invention
thera fear speculation
thir all invention
uran many invention
vel delicate, fragile, precious invention
vinn person (gender neutral) invention
von enormity, excess; (as a suffix) done to excess, too long, too much invention
yor none, nothing invention

Kaldorei Concepts

These terms refer to concepts intrinsic to Kaldorei culture, and have no accurate translations in other languages.

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
alara'shinu The kaldorei philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection; see Lore: Night Elves official
kalan the kaldorei soul; see also sohl invention
shalan the eternal bond between two kaldorei souls; see Lore: Night Elves invention
Shei'vandir a state of mental and emotional stillness in which one's inner self is in harmonious oscillation with one's outer world invention


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
arano to forget invention
ash to do/act upon speculation
belore to uncover something hidden or unknown. Refers to the sun in Thalassian. (Spec: literally “to cast light upon”) official
dahalar to breathe invention
dor to be restored; see also *dor* (suffix) above speculation
dunah to spy (implies secretive observation, usually not benevolent; see also "sael" speculation
fal to be (referring to objects, people, places) speculation
falah to meet, to come together, to join speculation
fendol to help, to aid, to assist invention
funare to flow invention
getha to endure, to suffer invention
kona to come invention
losh to stop, to cease, to end invention
luve to give, to bestow invention
lure to glow, to emit light invention
nah to be (referring to situations, events, conditions) speculation
nal to feel speculation
sael to watch / see / observe (implies benevolent intent; see also "dunah") speculation
seruno to protect, to guard, to defend invention
sheva to allow, to let, to permit invention
talah to know, known speculation
thae to follow invention
tho to go invention
tor to compel, or to force something onto another speculation


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
atha in, inside, within; As prefix: shortened to "ath" invention
belam above, on, upon, before invention
dula for invention
eru to, toward, through, between invention
izila across, against invention
purah along, by, beside, near invention
shafah behind, below, beneath, under invention
than at, around, among, during invention
vathil down, into invention


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
alah you, your, yours (second person singular) speculation
an he, him (second person masculine singular) speculation
anu I, me, us, my, mine, ours (first person singular and plural) speculation
dalah you, yours (second person plural; sometimes shortened to “dal”) speculation
min she, her (second person feminine singular) speculation
shin they (third person plural) invention
vin third person neutral singular; translates to singular "they" in Common invention

Transitive Pronouns

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
endu here, this place; also, as a command: "stay, remain here" invention
fandu there, that place speculation

Demonstrative Pronouns

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
eth this, these; typically used as a prefix (ex: eth'el: "this leaf") invention
em that, those; typically used as a prefix (ex. fan'kal: "those stars") speculation

Question Words

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
dath who, whom, whose speculation
fon where invention
ha what invention
kah how invention
shu when speculation
raza why invention


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
an’da papa (see Thalassian ann’da) speculation
an’dei son derivation
ann’do father (formal; “he who teaches me”; see Thalassian ann’da) speculation
anu’dei my child derivation
da parent speculation
dei child/children, youth(s), juvenile(s); not to be confused with "dorei" (see above) invention
denore brother invention
dieb family speculation
falore sister speculation
min'da mama official
min'dei daughter derivation
minn'do mother (formal: spec: roughly "she who teaches me") official
rul-ann'do bond-father (father-in-law) invention
rul'denore bond-brother (brother-in-law) invention
rul'falore bond-sister (sister-in-law) invention
rul-minn'do bond-mother (mother-in-law) invention
shal'nar aunt official

Body Parts

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
adris eye, eyes (often shortened to 'dris in contractions) speculation
ande arm invention
de toe invention
du finger invention
furin nose invention
gashal head invention
inme face invention
lera hand invention
muro chest invention
rath leg invention
thir mouth invention
thu foot invention
volim back invention
wen ear invention
zesh neck invention


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
alare petal invention
alith water invention
alor'el Lover's Leaf official
an snow (see also “an / ann”, above) speculation
anir storm speculation
arth wolf invention
danil cave, cavern, depths speculation
el leaf speculation
elore light invention
elun’alare ennas moonpetal lily derivation
elun’elore moonlight derivation
ennas flower invention
falure gold invention
fial fire, flame invention
kal star, stars speculation
kelure silver invention
lathar sky, skies speculation
nir tree speculation
nurah river invention
shal night speculation
tal wild (adj.) speculation
tel earth speculation
thas forest speculation
uthul owl invention


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
anu dorah we remember (seen on memorial plaques in Tel’anor, Suramar) speculation
anu'dorini talah let my will be known official
ash karath do it official
Luvas'alith the Gift of Water; shaha lor'ma dula Luvas'alith ("Thank you for the Gift of Water") invention
shaha lor'ma thank you official
tor ilisar'thera'nal Let our enemies beware (A war cry used since ancient times; Literally: Compel the enemy to feel fear) official / speculation


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
Elune adore Elune be with you. official
fandu dath belore? who goes there? official
ishnu alah good fortune to you official
ishnu dal dieb good fortune to your family official
sael ath'shalla alah I watch you from the shadows. (Spoken by shadowmelded kaldorei to alert allies to their presence and identify themselves as a friend.) derivation
sael'ah Shorthand form of "Sael ath'shalla alah", now commonly used among Alliance rogues as a signal they are among fellows. speculation


Darnassian Translation Canonicity
ande'thoras ethil May your troubles be diminished. official
del nah'dris Thirsty be your eyes ("be careful"); used to wish someone safety speculation
en'shu falah nah In another time we will meet ("see you later/after") speculation


Append -shu as a suffix for ordinals (e.g. "ehv-shu" for first, "beh-shu" for second, etc.)

Darnassian Translation Canonicity
ehv one invention
beh two invention
val three invention
cela four invention
tael five invention
sara six invention
kell seven invention
eri eight invention
oma nine invention
dis ten invention
dis-ehv eleven invention
behdis twenty invention
tharas hundred invention
namil thousand invention
behnamil'valdis'eriehv-shu 2,381st invention

Draenei logo_wowpedia_sm.png

Spoken by: Draenei

Draenei Translation Canonicity
aaklan (archaic) dependable invention
kra'vari student, pupil invention
nu a neutral exclamation, similar to "oh" invention
orachi teacher invention
saevika fruity; alternately could be translated as "cloud breaker" invention
xaafi "empty mind"; a meditative state of calm and clarity (considered positive) invention
zolsha sun, sunshine invention
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