The Bros of Bruuk's Corner
Runner: inkie
Summary: Transcripts of the weekly Open RP with Ben and Sil at Bruuk's Corner in Ironforge.

Key Characters
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Ben Hazan Silvestre

Writings for 'The Bros of Bruuk's Corner'

(2022-09-07) Bruuk's Brothers: Wash Your Hands Edition — A notice posted on the door of Bruuk's Corner Tavern in Ironforge, and a note tacked beneath it.

RP Logs for 'The Bros of Bruuk's Corner'

(2023-10-25) Bruuk's Brothers: Interesting Fish — Brannagen, Iphindra and Sil meet Niksi, Bombuuhr and a mysterious draenei (Nanaat) at Bruuk's Corner.

(2023-10-11) Bruuk's Brothers: Differences of Perspective — Auralind, Iphindra, Jo, Sintha, Hectorius and Bombuuhr meet up at Bruuk's to discuss height, upcoming Hallow's End celebrations, and membership in various groups. ~2900 words.

(2023-10-04) Bruuk's Brothers: Magical Conversation — Lena, Gwenivene, Sandy and Hectorius meet up at Bruuk's for a pleasant evening discussing magic.

(2023-09-13) Bruuk's Brothers: Lutes and History — Maisha, Sintha and Nish are joined by Hectorius and Bombuuhr for an evening in Bruuk's Corner, where they discuss dwarvish history and music, among other things.

(2023-09-06) Bruuk's Brothers: New Legs and Science — Sandy, Sintha and Jo meet up at Bruuk's Corner to discuss prosthetic legs, engineering, a missing persons.

(2023-08-30) Bruuk's Brothers: Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Wig — Sintha Fallon returns to Bruuk's with news. Annibeth is not pleased. Iphindra is horrified by clockwork animals. Arthur grapples with celebrity. Alaisa converses in three languages.

(2023-08-23) Bruuk's Brothers: Rocket Boots and Tripping Down Mountains — Alaisa, Annibeth, Hectorius, Jonas, and Maisha gather at Bruuk's Brothers and to talk about exploring and some particularly useful gadgets. ~2200 words.

(2023-08-16) Bruuk's Brothers: News from the North — Dane and Rae from the northern team join Annibeth, Jonas, Maisha and Mayellen at Bruuk's Corner to discuss the latest events. ~3900 words

(2023-08-02) Bruuk's Brothers: Down with Natasya! — Jonas, Maisha and Mayellen meet up at Bruuk's Corner after the news hits about the arrest of Mistress Natasya. ~2400 words.

(2023-07-26) Bruuk's Brothers: More Wintergarde — Sil, Sintha and Tyrrell meet up by chance Wednesday evening in Wintergarde. Rating T, ~1800 words.

(2023-07-19) Bruuk's Brothers: Wrathgate Edition — Members of Cobalt Company and various associates cross paths at the Wintergarde Inn in the wake of the Wrathgate.

(2023-07-12) Bruuk's Brothers: Forks, Spiders and Boyfriends — Jonas, Sintha, Iphindra, Hectorius, Dara, Mayellen and Lucille meet at Bruuk's Corner for a lively conversation about a number of unusual topics. Rating T, ~5800 words.

(2023-06-29) Bruuk's Brothers: Cats on the Stairs — Alysson, Iphindra, Jo, Sintha and Zalael meet up to discuss life, purpose and cats. ~2400 words.

(2023-06-21) Bruuk's Brothers: Congratulations! — Ben, Elohad, Iphindra, Maisha and Sintha attend this week's Bruuk's Corner gathering, and congratulations are had for the outcome of the House of Nobles vote for Houses Ference and Fallon. ~4000 words.

(2023-06-07) Bruuk's Brothers: Many Questions — Sil, Skylarke, Sintha, Jonas, Iphindra and Zalael (Miss Leafblower) attend the usual Bruuk's Corner gathering. Several targets are sought, questions are asked, pebbles are thrown and covers are blown. ~3500 words.

(2023-05-31) Bruuk's Brothers: Performance Review — Sil arrives at the weekly Bruuk's gathering to find himself trapped in a room with Kehda and Sintha.

(2023-05-24) Bruuk's Brothers: A Missing Sandy — Dane, Gwen, Hectorius, Jocoza, Jonas, Kehda, Nunuzac, and Terrineth meet up in Bruuk's Corner and speculate on Sandy's disappearance, each idea getting wilder than the one before.

(2023-05-10) Bruuk's Brothers: So Many Topics — In a lively evening at Bruuk's Corner, Terrineth, Jonas, Mayellen, Lena, Hectorius, Annibeth, Ionala, Iphindra and Sintha chat about a wide variety of topics, from flowers to sedition.

(2023-05-03) Bruuk's Brothers: The Plot Thickens — Annibeth, Jonas, Maisha, Ionala, Mayellen and Hectorius meet up in Bruuk's Corner to discuss May's recent incident and make plans for the future.

(2023-04-26) Bruuk's Brothers: The Turn of the Screwdriver — Jonas, Mayellen, and Annibeth gather at Bruuk's, and Annibeth becomes a young lady's hero.

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